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Habit Breaking Appliances

Making habits hit the road!!
It is normal for the children to have to unhealthy oral habits. Some of such habits include thumb sucking, nail biting, lip biting, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing etc. In order to control such routines, separate appliances are designed and manufactured. These appliances are known as habit breaking appliances. These appliances can either be of removable or fixed type.
In most children, these habits stop on its own between the ages of two and four years. But if the practice persists after the permanent teeth have erupted, it can drastically change the growth patterns of the jaw, and can ruin the alignment of the teeth. It may be hard to believe that such a benign habit can actually move teeth and bone but there are number reasons why this occurs.
Children’s jaws, rich in blood supply and growing rapidly, are relatively soft and flexible especially in kids under the age of eight. So it really isn’t hard for the constant pressure of a thumb or finger to deform the soft bone around the upper and lower front teeth. Children who are particularly vigorous thumb suckers are even more likely to change the growth patterns of the teeth and jaws.

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