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Gum Lift

Is your gum line too low or high?
Are you self conscious due to having a gummy smile?

If yes, then We at Dental Arche have the ideal solution for you!

Gum lifting improves the aesthetics of your smile by ensuring the gum line of your teeth is in the best possible position to show off your teeth.

The aim of a gum lift is to restructure excessive or uneven gum tissue surrounding your teeth so your gums are symmetrical and in proportion to your smile, rather than having a ‘gummy smile’.

Why do some people’s gums show when they smile?

Sometimes it’s because your teeth didn’t come through properly and look too short because they’re covered in gum tissue. It can also be because you happen to have smaller-than-average teeth, or if your upper lip is a little shorter than average, you will see more gum than usual.

The reasons for ‘gummy smiles’ are generally genetic, but we at Dental Arche can balance your gum line with your teeth.

How it’s done ?

The procedure is quick and relatively painless. The gum area around the front teeth is usually the only area corrected, as this is the most visible section of your smile. Your Dental Arche Dentist will cut into and reshape the unsightly gum area, using a soft-tissue laser to seal off the blood vessels and minimise any bleeding.

Wear a Perfect & Beautiful Smile on your Face !!

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