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Dental Implants

. . .a permanent solution for tooth loss

Dental implants are anchors placed in bone, usually made from titanium or titanium alloy. They can support dental restorations which replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are artificial teeth or prostheses that are inserted in place of one or more missing natural teeth, or even the whole set. A metal ‘root’ is inserted into the jawbone and bonds with the existing bone; an artificial tooth known as a ‘crown’ is then attached to the root via a connecting piece.
Dental implants are surrounded by natural bone and gum tissue and are generally considered a better alternative to dentures or tooth supported bridges, especially if the surrounding teeth may already be weakened by large fillings or previous disease of the ligaments and jaw bone.
Implants do not depend on surrounding teeth for support, so they reduce the risk failed prosthesis if the adjacent teeth should become loose, infected or fractured.

Implant supported crowns do not require the cutting or shaping of adjacent natural teeth for placement, so they are more conservative than conventional tooth supported bridges. Replacement of missing or lost teeth with implants can improve your appearance and improve the hollowed appearance of collapsed cheeks and lips.

Implants are more comfortable than dentures as they are permanently fixed to the jaw bone. Implants can also act as support for dentures, which means dentures do not move, unlike dentures supported by jaw bone and facial muscles.

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