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Teeth Alignment: Braces, Aligners & Invisalign: Comparison, Cost, The right age and results-Know from the best orthodontist in Delhi

“With the introduction of Invisalign, more adults in 26 to 55 years age bracket are opting for teeth alignment.” – Dr. Aval Luthra

A smile can win millions of hearts. Having a perfect smile is a blessing in many ways. Whether you want a perfect selfie with a friend, win over your colleagues and boss, be the heart of a party or impress your sweetheart, half the work is already done with a perfect smile.

However, not everyone is blessed with perfectly aligned teeth which constitute an ideal smile. Many people have crooked teeth or misaligned bites that take away that charm form you. These misalignments not only affect the way you look but are also potential contributors to dental health issues.

Teeth that are not properly aligned are often difficult to clean and can cause decay and bad breath. The improper arrangement can also lead to repulsion from socialization and take a toll on your self-esteem. Children, particularly in their teens are quite sensitive about the way they look and how people perceive them. Even the elders may feel hesitant to laugh openly because of their disarranged teeth.

Dental problems are extremely common and the number of cases registered every year is increasing exponentially. Nearly half of the world’s population is impacted by tooth decay and
30 percent of senior adults lose their natural teeth. Apart from decay, irregular teeth alignment is also one of the most common dental problems across the world.

Ideally, your teeth should fit in your mouth properly with no spacing issues. When you close your mouth the upper jaws should slightly overlap the lower ones with your upper and lower molars locking into each other. Teeth should not be twisted or rotated. However, if there is a deviation from these normal arrangements, your teeth are called misaligned. Dental aligners are the most popular in treating misaligned teeth.

This blog is an attempt to discuss in detail, ways to rectify the malocclusions and regain your perfect smile. Various options you have and their comparison in terms of cost and benefits would help you make the best choice for yourself.

So let us dive into this pool of information and find the best way to rearrange our teeth and sparkle that million-dollar smile.

So, let’s know more
Teeth Alignment-Cost, The Right Age, Results and Much More!
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  1. Let’s start from the basics: Why do teeth become Crooked or misaligned
  2. What Type of alignment do you have?: Diagnosis and types of dental misalignment.
  3. What is the solution?: Treatment Options to Straighten Teeth or Malocclusions.
  4. Let’s know more: Braces-Types, cost benefits and much more
  5. Let’s know about the latest in dental alignment: Invisalign-cost benefits and much more
  6. The part you would want to know the most: Which is better among all: a comparative study of the available option, Braces vs Invisalign
  7. The best results are always in the hands of the practitioner: Choose the best orthodontist for you

Let’s know about it from the most trusted orthodontist in Delhi – Dr. Aval Luthra

Let’s start from the basics: why do teeth become crooked or misaligned?

“There can be numerous reasons leading to these irregular dental alignments. Some people have the problem ever since they get their permanent teeth while others get these issues due to some accident or injury. In either case, you can reinstate the arrangement of your teeth in your mouth and get your smile back that would make you the ultimate charmer.”~Dr.Aval Luthra

The alignment of teeth is technically called occlusion and misalignment is called malocclusion. Malocclusion can exist right from the eruption of teeth or can happen at a later age. Several factors can contribute to the malocclusion of teeth. One of the most common reasons is heredity. In your parents or anyone in the near relation has disarranged teeth, you are also likely to get those. Children born with birth defects like cleft palate often have issues with the arrangement of teeth.
Several other factors like frequent use of the pacifier, prolonged bottle feeding, and thumb sucking cause twisted and turned teeth eruption. The problem can also hit adults due to impacted teeth, injuries, and improper fitting of dental implants like crowns and bridges. Sometimes due to allergies and enlarged tonsils, people mouth breathe which can also lead to teeth occlusion.

The good news is that these irregular arrangements can be rectified easily. There are several

types of teeth aligners that can amazingly reset your teeth in perfect alignment and position. We will explore more about these aligners in the following sections.

What type of alignment do you have?: Diagnosis and types of dental misalignments

Wondering whether you have an occlusion or not! Dental misalignment or occlusion is a very generic term that refers to several different teeth arrangement conditions. The best way to know about their existence is to understand various types of occlusions one can have. Here is a description of each type that will help you identify your issue and take proper resort.

The first type is the overcrowding. It is the most common reason for adults to seek orthodontic treatment. The overcrowding is a condition where your teeth get crooked or overlap due to a lack of space in your mouth to accommodate all the teeth.

Overjet means your upper teeth extend ahead of your bottom teeth when you close your mouth. This can lead to speech difficulties, eating problems, and make your teeth prone to injuries

Deep bite is another popular misalignment problem in adults. Sometimes when you close your mouth, your upper teeth completely overlap the lower ones and reach the gums. This condition is called a deep bite.

Crossbite is another type of occlusion in which your upper teeth bite inside your lower teeth. This can affect your teeth on one or both sides and front and/or back teeth.

Spacing is again a problem that affects numerous people. When there is extra spacing in your front two teeth it is called diastema. This is visible as soon as you open your mouth and can make your smile look awkward.

Sometimes you find that your teeth are not developing properly. In some cases, a tooth may not erupt at all or erupt incompletely causing the conditions known as missing tooth or impacted tooth respectively. Injury or trauma can also be a reason for these conditions.
And lastly the open bite. It is a condition in which your upper teeth do not overlap the lower teeth at all obstructing a complete proper bite.

What is the solution?: Treatment options to straighten teeth or malocclusion
Now you know that the problem you were facing like eating difficulties, speech issues, or just irregularly appearing teeth, all were due to malocclusion of your teeth. Let us now find ways to solve these problems. There are plenty of options to choose from.

The two most popular methods are Braces and Invisalign. Braces are being used for several years for both children and adults. These are metallic fixtures that can treat many malocclusions like overbite, spacing, and others. Preferably the braces treatment begins at an early age when the teeth are still in the developing stage so that the adjustment can be made more efficiently.

The Invisalign method is more popular in adults as these are not apparently visible. These are one of those revolutionary developments in dentistry which has remarkably simplified people’s lives. These are custom-made plastic aligners that can be easily worn and removed according to your wish and push your teeth in the right position.

Several other methods can also be used based on the type of occlusion you have. If your teeth are overcrowding or appear to overbite in your mouth, your dentist may use the tooth removal method and create a space in your mouth. Missing or impacted teeth can be treated by replacing them with implants. Several other methods like veneers and jaw expanders are also used to restore the shape and structure of your mouth.

Let’s know more: Braces – Types, cost benefits, and much more
With constant evolution in the field, there are different types of braces available which you can choose based on your requirements. Some of the popular types of braces used these days are:

Conventional braces and lingual braces
These are the most noticeable braces in which there is a metallic bracket in the front of the tooth and a few bands behind that anchors a wire that pulls the teeth in the right place. In some cases, the brackets are cemented on the inner surfaces of the teeth facing the tongue. Such braces are called lingual braces.

Metal Braces -> INR 35,000 – INR 50,000
Ceramic Braces -> INR 60,000 – INR 70,000
Lingual / Incognito Braces -> INR 1.00,000 – INR 150,000

Clear Aligners
These are tray-like structures custom-made for your teeth. These have to stay on your teeth for 2 to 22 hours a day and can be taken off for eating and brushing. The cost of clear aligners can be INR 60,000 onwards

Self-ligating braces
These use a metal wire that passes through metal clips on the brackets and does not require bands to move the teeth in the right position. The cost of clear aligners can be INR 80,000- INR 1, 00,000.

The process of inserting braces is time-consuming but straightforward. Your dentist first place instruments in your mouth to keep it dry and hold your tongue.

Your teeth are then cleaned and an etchant is applied to prepare them for bonding. Braces are then placed on your teeth with the help of an adhesive which is firmed by curing light.

Finally, your dentist runs an archwire through the braces which would move your teeth.

The procedure is cost-effective. The pricing often depends on the present condition of teeth, overall health, and devices used. Once the braces are placed, you should brush and floss regularly to maintain hygiene. You can use a toothpick to take out the stuck food. Follow the visit schedule to your dentist and discuss any conditions like low bone density and related medication prior to the treatment.

Let’s know about the latest in dental alignment: Invisalign – Cost benefits and much more
We all realize that we are living in an era of technological advancement. The same is reflected in the field of dentistry as well. Invisalign is a perfect example of this revolutionary advancement. These are a series of colorless braces that are tailored for your individual teeth. They push your teeth gently in the correct position and precisely bring them in perfect alignment.

To get Invisalign for your occlusion, your dentist will first take x-rays and imaging to determine the occlusion you have. A 3D model of your teeth is taken and sent to the lab to craft Invisalign for you. Once created your dentist will make necessary adjustments if needed and push them over your teeth. Invisalign generally takes half the time than regular braces to bring your teeth in the right position. You wear them for over 20 hours a day for at least two weeks. During this period your teeth will be pushed slightly. Now you should wear the other set which would further push your teeth. This process may take a year before you can see the final result. During this period you can easily take them off and clean to maintain hygiene. The cost of the procedure is subjective and depends on your present condition. The procedure is cost-effective but the result is priceless.

Invisalign is a popular option owing to several benefits it offers. These are clear and not visible. The positioning of the teeth is precise and more comfortable. These are easy to maintain and saves a lot of time. The cost of Invisalign starts from INR 2,00,000.

The part you would want to know the most. Which is better among all: Comparative study of the available option, Braces vs Invisalign.

“The right choice between the option depends on the person’s needs both Braces and Invisalign have there own pros and cons”~Dr.Aval Luthra

Braces and Invisalign are great options to straighten your teeth. However, each has individual characteristics that make it more suitable in a particular case. Let us take a look at the comparative study which would help you find a better option for yourself.

Unlike regular braces, Invisalign is clear in appearance that makes it invisible on your teeth. For that reason, people who used to be reluctant for braces are giving Invisalign a try.

Treatment time and cost
The time that both the procedure would take depends on your individual condition In general, you need to keep braces 24/7 for a period of 12 to 18 months to achieve the desired results. On the contrary, Invisalign delivers results in six to eighteen months and you can take them off while eating and brushing. Both options would cost you similar but you can find cheaper options in braces.

Follow up and Maintenance
You can brush the braces and wire usually but may need to use picks to clean the stuck food particles. You would also have to visit your dentist monthly. Invisalign, on the other hand, needs to be replaced every two weeks and the dentist’s visit is needed every 4 or 6 weeks. You can clean the Invisalign easily by taking them off.

Pros and cons
Braces can be used to treat more diverse and complex occlusions. But they are a bit discomforting and difficult to clean. Conversely, Invisalign is easy to clean and maintain and does not interfere with your look at all. But you need to remove them before eating and drinking.

Braces are suitable for all kinds of patients except the ones who are involved in high impact sports. But Invisalign is not fitting for people requiring bridgework, back tooth bite issues, vertical movement of teeth, or rotation of premolars.

Best results are always in the hands of the practitioner: Choose the best orthodontist for you
No matter how well you know your problem and the solution needed, the results are always determined by the skills and proficiency of your dentist.

To get your teeth perfectly aligned the most important step is to find a clinic that is well-equipped and a dentist who is certified and well trained. Ask your acquaintances for reference or check the clinic personally. You can also talk to the present patients to seek their experience with the clinic.

Dr. Aval Luthra is one of the prominent dentists with nearly eleven years of experience. He specializes in orthodontics and has successfully changed the lives of many patients. His association with several elite organizations and researches helps him stay updated with the latest developments in the field.

The Dental Arch clinic functioning under his leadership provides a comprehensive solution to all dental problems. The clinic is powered with the state of the art equipment to ensure accuracy in the procedures and excellent results. High-quality treatment, hygiene, and extremely polite staff make your relationship with us pleasant and joyful.

The trust of our patients and their words of appreciation is the most important achievement for us. We take care of your smile while you fill the world with your shine and charisma.